Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Because of Her Everything is Ok

My sweet angel girl,

In 2 days you will be 6. I have started this letter over and over but I can not seem to get through the first sentence without crying.

You are turning into this magnificent little girl. I actually have no words for how proud I am of you and how you WOW me on a daily basis.

I still can not believe you are turning 6! Grace, in the past 6 years, I have never seen a little girl stay so strong and never give up. And your WILL, I admire that about you, you have this WILL and passion for life like none other. I love to watch you experience the world, because you experience it in a way others can not even begin to try. You see every detail and every piece of what you are doing and you do it so effortlessly.

The bonds you have created with the people around you leave me speechless. You have this way with others. You touch everyone you come into contact with in such a deep compassionate way. You change people, you make the ones around you want to be better. You are my inspiration, you are the reason I have worked so hard on making myself better. I learned how to live, because of you.

I learned how to smile a true smile, I learned how to laugh a true laugh, I learned how to cry a true raw cry. You have changed me and continue to on a daily basis. As each day passes I am anxious to see what you will come out with next, or inspire me to do next.

From the moment we found out about your presence in this world, all odds were against you. Many of my closest friends told me not to have you and how having you would be the biggest mistake in my life. From the very first moment I heard your little heart beat, I knew different, because this wave of peace was constantly flowing through my body.

As you grew inside of me, so did people's negative opinions and judgments. Your Daddy and I didn't care, we walked with our heads high, and promised each other we would give you the best life possible and all the love we had. It didn't matter if you weren't planned, or we weren't legally married...that doesn't matter. What mattered and matters is YOU my Grace, were created from the greatest and strongest love possible. You were meant to be. You are a gift, and more than I could of ever asked for. I say it all the time, YOU rescued me, and I will remind you this every single birthday.

I look back onto when I was pregnant with you, and the people who supported me would ask how was I so calm with all the negativity, and I would answer, "She calms me, because of her everything is going to be ok"

And despite of what we have been through, little girl...

It is now 6 years later, IT is still OK!

I love you to the moon and back my boo bear, and as each year passes by, remember to hold onto your dreams and never ever give up because you can accomplish anything.

Love Always,



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