Wednesday, February 6, 2013

She Was Sent to Rescue Me

Me Dear Boss Lady, you are turning 5 in just a few hours. I am sitting here watch you peacefully sleep. I am thinking back on the last 5 years and how far you have come. Looking at you my heart fills with pride and love. I can not believe you are 5. When I was pregnant with you a good friend of my mother's told me to cherish every moment, and I am so thankful I did. 

You have been working so hard, harder than any 5 year old should. Between all these years of therapies and school days, you seem to be able to still laugh and have true happiness.You never complain about any of the work load that is put on you. You look at everyone in this world with no biased and believe in that equality we all should.  You have this light in you that when you enter a room no matter what you are doing attention is put right on you. You never lie, your honesty is something I admire most about you and how you do not care what other people think.

I am proud of you in so many ways. You have brought a love to the entire family that I did not even think was possible. You saved me little girl. I was lost and when I first met you I found myself and learned how to really love for the first time in my life. You are the reason I have strength. You are the reason I am the woman I am today. Each day I work to be a better person and do great things, because of you. You are the just plain and simply MY REASON and MY PURPOSE. As every year you grow older and older I will still be by your side guiding your light and doing everything and more you need me to do. I love you so much Grace Marilyn make your way in this world, reach for the stars and achieve all of your ambitions. I hope you have a happy happy Birthday, my love.

My song to you Boss, by Martina McBride <3

In my daughter's eyes, 
I am a hero,
I am strong and wise, 
And I know no fear,
But the truth is plain to see,
She was sent to rescue me,
I see who I want to be,
In my daughter's eyes

In my daughter's eyes,
Everyone is equal,
Darkness turns to light,
And the world is at peace,
This miracle god gave to me,
Gives me strength when I am weak,
I find reason to believe,
In my daughter's eyes

And when she wraps her hand around my finger,
How it puts a smile in my heart,
Everything becomes a little clearer,
I realize what life is all about,
It's hanging on when your heart is had enough,
It's giving more when you feel like giving up,
I've seen the light,
It's in my daughter's eyes

In my daughter's eyes,
I can see the future,
A reflection of who I am and what will be,
And though she'll grow and someday leave,
Maybe raise a family,
When i'm gone I hope you see,
How happy she made me,
For i'll be there,
In my daughter's eyes


  1. I don't like country music...but I really like this post. Very nice tribute to your daughter, Kelly.

  2. Beautiful Kelly. This post was really moving(Wiping away tears). Happy Birthday Grace! :)

  3. :), Jim you don't know what your missing , country music isn't all that bad ;) thank you deb xo

  4. Lovely, I have a Grace too. She is my NT child. Lovely words for your daughter.
    (I am GoTeamKate) but I don't know how to sign in as that so I just go with google :)