Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Three Working Spokes

The Boss is laying down and Super Dadda is doing Daddy things like paying bills. We had a moment tonight and it was something very exceptional. Boss has trouble with emotions. When she is over come with any emotion her little body does not know how to process it and she immediately resorts to hitting...me usually. At dinner she was woofing down her GF mac n cheese. Super Dadda and me were standing in the kitchen area and we hugged and just did a natural sway, kind of like dancing. I looked over at Grace and she was smiling, it was a smile of admiration and dignity. I looked away fast because I knew she would feel embarrassed by me catching her have an emotion. I did not look away fast enough, she saw me and bee lined in my direction and punched me in the stomach.

Super Dadda and me went to lunch today and were so refreshed when she came home. We talked about things other than Autism. It was nice. We had a really good after noon with her,too. She was rather compliant and had minimal behaviors. When I sat down and decided to share this with you all, I realized the energy between Ernesto and me really do impact here. Him and I are always good, but today we were extra extra and it really reflected on her. We both were there with her for dinner, bath, and bedtime. She was so happy and loving every second of it. My little Boss. <3 We were being really silly at dinner and took this picture.

Even though our kids have disabilities they are still in tune to our emotions and energies. Sometimes I forget that even though she can not express certain things, she still may be feeling them in her own way. I know now I have to be more aware of my interactions with Super Dadda in front of her, because she IS watching and she IS feeling. Maybe not in the way we do, but it is there. It is there for all the super kids, they just process it differently. I will tell Super Dadda I love him more often, hold his hand during a family movie, and we will like we always have snd show the utmost respect for each other.

My parent trainer described a family unit as a bicycle wheel. Each member of the family is the spokes. We have three spokes, Boss, Super Mama, and Super Dadda. If one spoke is off or broke the wheel can not function properly. It makes so much sense.

Since I can not find a quote that I like, I leave you with this song. A song Super Dadda and me identify with for our journey with the Boss.

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  1. So funny. This song and Rainbow Connection are my Little Man songs! This one is so easy to identify with for sure.