Monday, January 21, 2013

I have been meaning to write you

Dear Sibling,

I have been meaning to write you. You see I am a sibling just like you. But I am all grown up. I am writing you to let you know it is OK to feel sad, upset, frustrated, jealous, or anything you feel. Trust me I have been there. Do not let those feelings take over what a beautiful person you are. Feel them, identify them, accept it and move on. You see sibling, you have been chosen to do one of the most special jobs anyone can do on this earth. You are even more special than your parents. You have a heart made of gold, a soul full of patience, and a mind that can take on the world.

God has chosen you to be the light of your family. You may not know this but you are the one who holds it all together by just being you. The little things you do for your parents, the way you help them. How you have instincts and intuitions like no one else. Sometimes things for you have to be put on hold. This can hurt, I know. But it is because you are strong, you have strength deep inside of you, that you do not even know you have. Trust me it is there, and you will feel it when you need it the most.

Please know your parents love you more than you can even imagine. They also feel so blessed to have you. They feel lucky to have you and they barely need to worry about you because they know how incredible and marvelous you are. You are capable of anything so grab life by the horns and do great things. Anything you do in your life you will shine because of the path behind you.

Always love your special brother or sister. Always show them all of the care in the world. Always guide them. Always protect them. Always be there for them. If it ever becomes too much sibling, which it might, talk to someone. Never be afraid to express your feelings. I am always here for you sibling, I have done this before and if you need help I am here for you.

In your adult life you will notice people sweating about the small stuff. You will laugh to yourself and say, "if they only knew". You will have this way about you, where bad stuff will happen and it will be easy for you to move on from it. You are ahead of the game and always will be. People will admire your journey and your strength. The way you will love and feel is magnified and for this you are lucky. Never lose this part of you. Shine on sibling, shine on. I promise you it will get easier. I promise you.

Love Always,
Another Sibling


  1. This is the first time I have looked at your blog. I admit, I was on Facebook during school, but someone had shared this with a group I am in. I was curious from the title. I sat in the school's computer lap and smiled, with tears of happiness in my eyes. /Finally/ someone who understands. Being 15 is hard enough as it is, but an ASD brother kinda adds on. Don't get me wrong, I love him and always will, but it's difficult when he can NOT get what i am feeling, or when I can't get the reasons behind his actions. I have moments where I want to tear my hair out and scream and punch a wall. And I have awesome times where I smile and laugh and love my family. This was EXTRAORDINARILY inspirational for me. Thank you.