Thursday, January 31, 2013

'Tis the Season for Your Meeting

'Tis the season for your meeting....

So here we are in that time of year that all of us super parents dread. I........E.......P........MEETINGS. Most of us stress probably way to much because if you really think about it, there is only so much you can control. I found myself in a routine of "behaviors" if you will, before my meetings. So here is what I do, maybe it will help you :)

A few days before I listen to calming music all the way through until morning of the meeting.

I also say as little as I can to Super Daddy, bc when tension is high it is very easy to get into a blow out (about nothing)

In our experience every meeting, Super Daddy and I feel it is best to have 1 parent as the dominant speaker and the other parent chime in when necessary ( it is always me, he is moral support)

I gather my thoughts and write down what I will say, believe it or not, I practice in the shower

I pick out a recent photo of the boss lady to bring to the meeting, so they can put a name to her face

I always speak to her current teacher and therapists so we are all on the same page

I bring every packet from the previous meetings with her diagnosis and other valid information (this shows preparedness and efficiency on the parents part)

I always read up on up to date terminology and try to speak as clinical as I can but still stay grounded as a mother speaking of her child

I love to look up quotes that inspire me and affirmations, I feel this gives me strength and confidence

Every meeting I have been to, I wear red, in 7th grade Mr Corrado my social studies teacher said red was a color of power and I do it, and so far so good (knock on wood)

I bring a coffee or water, it inhibits me from tapping my pen, twirling my hair, or doing any other nervous quirks

I always shake the hands of everyone in the room as I walk in esp the head honcho at the head of the round table ;) a firm hand shake and some eye contact shows you mean business

I always walk in as optimistic and light hearted as we can be, to set a positive energy in the air

I try not to go in on an empty stomach so my brain is firing 

While waiting to go into the meeting I sing a fun song in my head to relax my body and detach so my anxiety level stays low

While talking about the Boss I make sure I address everyone around the table and try not to look down too much on my written prepared speech

If things get heated and there is a sense of conflict, Super Daddy reels me back in by either lightly touching my leg or giving me a positive glance

When the meeting ends we always thank everyone who was there and close with another nice firm hand shake.

I hope these things help you or give you a sense of strength. You are all so strong and marvelous. Being an advocate for your super kids can be so hard. I wish you all the best of luck in your meetings this year and your future meetings to come. Always have faith, courage, and love in yourself and you will be the best advocate you can be.

"an act of courage is always and act of love"


  1. We have our firs ever iep coming up and i have no idea what to expect. And am a little worried. Must remember to wear red :)

  2. Good luck Katie :) you can inbox me at fb if you need any advice

  3. Our meeting was over the phone bc we cyber school our son. The previous meetings I had with his old school were awful. They lied to us, made us feel uneducated and were rude. So glad that this new school didn't do that. They genuinely cared for what we had to say, it was so refreshing. I like how you prepare though, great advice!

  4. Good luck with your IEP!

    One of my strategies is to emotionally devastate everyone in the room...makes them pliable. Then I consume their souls...just so I can understand their power.